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We are a dedicated team offering Mass Spec (MS) related products and services; these include:

  • ZOEX 2D Gas Chromatography (GCxGC) modulators, software including Agilent GCs, Agilent GC-TOFs (Gas Chromatography – Time of Flight) and GC-QTOFs (QTOF is a Quadrupole – Time of Flight)
  • Refurbished used instruments related to MS and chromatography
  • Mascom GC-Orbitrap interfaces based on APPI (Atmospheric Photo Ionization) for use with the whole range of Thermo Orbitrap instrumentation
  • Subscriptions for using the PAPMID DBTM research database based on publicized Genomes of bacteria, fungi and insects for identifying unusual species

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Please contact info@msswiss.com with your first inquiry. Additionally we have a team of service technicians ready to come and get your instrument running again or keep any instrument you have acquired from us also running . We are proud to be your point of sale for the Mascom Orbitrap GC-APPI interfaces and are happy to provide you with appropriate application notes. This is also the case for all ZOEX GCxGC modulators and Agilent GC-TOF or GC-QTOF instruments along with their GCs

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